The Gran Carmen Master Bedroom

The Gran Carmen Master Bedroom

The Kaemo bedroom is a lovely visual treat and a soothing retreat after a tiring day at work. The majestic Anaheim bed contrasts well with the delicate and pretty Alta accent chairs.  

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We offer a Five years warranty against any manufacturing defects.
However, damages from natural wear and tear from use of the product, including abrasion, accidental damage and staining are excluded from this warranty.


Care Instructions


Always wipe moisture promptly and dry with a soft cloth. Excess water may leave stains and can also cause the wood to swell or warp.

Do not expose the furniture to direct sunlight. Ultraviolet light from the sun can fade the finish of the wooden furniture over time.

Avoid dragging any sharp objects on the wooden surfaces to prevent scratches on the furniture.

Exposing the furniture to intense heat, such as from hot food or coffee cups, could damage the finish. Coasters and mats should be used to keep any hot objects on wooden furniture.



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