Kids Seating

Kids Seating

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Jouet Kids Table

Jouet brings in sheer glee, a fun table to match the decor with bright colored walls of your kids ..


Tensai Kids Seating

The Tensai is ideal to be used as a desk for your little one. Your child will love the bright colour..


Verde Kids Seating

Gift your little one the Verde and bring a smile to your child's face. It's bright colors will add a..


Barney Kids Seating

The 4 seater Barney can be used at your home or at a playhome for little kids. The chairs are sturdy..


Dakota Kids Seating

The simple Dakota kids seating for 2 is ideal for the children's room and will be a space where a ch..


Katrin Kids Seating

The Katrin is seating for kids - the desk can be moved on wheels and the 2 chairs are strong and stu..


Iver Kids Seating

Iver consists of a colourful kids table combined with 2 dainty chairs. Perfect for your child's dood..


Summer Kids Seating

The Summer kids seating has eye catching designs on the table top. This seating has a practical des..