Bar Chairs/Stools

Bar Chairs/Stools

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Russle Bar Chair

The Russle bar stool has an upholstered seat which is covered with textured fabric. It has a back re..


Frey bar Chair

The Frey bar stool has a modern, clean look. It has sturdy crossbars that double as footrests. Thes..


Corbett Bar Stool

In spite of its delicate profile, the Corbett bar stool is sturdy and will stand the test of time.&n..


Benedict Bar Stool

The Benedict stool is ideal for a contemporary setting. It is sturdy and stable and its curved seati..


Herne Bar Stool

The Herne stools are sturdy and perfect to sit on for a quick snack or breakfast. The Herne's design..


Logan Bar Stool

The sturdy and striking Logan bar stool adds character to your space.  ..


Hull Bar Stool

The Hull stool with its crisp lines has a simple and functional design. It has a sturdy finish and ..


Ettin Bar Stool

The Ettin stool is a functional, versatile piece and has a timeless design. These stools are easily..


Bogart Bar Stool

The petite Bogart bar stool is well made and stylish. These are lightweight to move around and yet v..