Your home – A safe haven for your child?

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Those peanuts that you were snacking on, the mobile phone charger within your child’s reach, or that half-filled bucket of water in the bathroom – these are just normal, everyday things that lie around our house, but, did you know that these very things could prove to be dangerous, or even fatal for your toddler?

Parents have the responsibility to ensure that homes are safe havens for their precious children which means that efforts need to be taken to baby proof our homes.

 Mother holding a baby's hand.What does baby-proofing or child-proofing your home mean? It means ensuring that your home is safe for your child and taking steps to reduce any risk and prevent injury to your child.

The best way to ensure our baby’s safety in our home is by taking a baby’s view of our home. Check what is within a baby’s reach and what could look tempting for a baby.

Though the perils could be many, here is a list of some dangers at home and precautions that can be taken:


Toddler putting a toy inside the mouth.

Choking hazards — Toddlers love putting things that they come across into their mouths – therefore, do not let food items like  peanuts, gum, hard candy or even popcorn be within the reach of small kids – choking instances are common among young kids, especially those below the age of two. Large chunks of vegetables and fruits like carrots, apples, could also be choking hazards, hence, these items should all be shredded and cooked and then served to    children. Plastic packets can also prove to be a choking hazard for a child and should not be left lying around.

Electrical hazards — Most toddlers are fascinated with electrical outlets and sockets. Sticking a finger or any metal items into an electrical outlet can be extremely dangerous since the human body is a good conductor of electricity. We need to make sure that such sockets are inaccessible or covered with plastic plugs.

 Baby playing in water. Water hazards — Children love playing with water – while it can be a lot of fun under supervision, it can also be dangerous if there is no one to watch over them. Drowning is one of the leading causes of unintentional injury deaths in India. Young children are especially vulnerable and vessels or buckets containing water have known to be enough to drown a child.

Hazards from sharp objects — Items that might injure or poke a  child  such as knives, blades, furniture with sharp edges and even pencils could prove to be hazardous since children do not realize the dangers of playing with or around such items. Such items should not be left lying around.

All the methods listed above should not distract from the fact that the best way to ensure our child’s safety is still direct supervision. Though there are umpteen number of products available in the market that can be used for child proofing our home, these products should not lull parents into a false sense of security – you still need to be there for your child!


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