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The Dalai Lama has said that “Sleep is the best meditation”. We spend a third of our lives 

kingsize bed

sleeping and the importance of sleep in keeping us healthy is well known.  Hence, the choices we make when furnishing our bedrooms become incredibly important for us and our families. At ABEsquare, we have exactly the right beds designed to suit every kind of room.

For the master bedroom, we have the Priscilla double bed which is an absolute beauty.  

The natural grain of the wood can be clearly seen which brings out its attractiveness. Designed in the contemporary minimalist style, the Priscilla is solid and sturdy, and yet does not appear bulky.

single bed,single coat,kids bedGrowing teenagers need more space to spread out while sleeping and the preferred option for them would be single beds with more room.

The Gibbs single bed would be the right choice for them. This superb bed also comes with handy storage  options.Bunk beds are every child’s dream and the Croft bunk bed, available in Dark Walnut finish as well as Red Oak finish will make your child’s dream come true. Siblings sharing a room, 

sleepovers, or simply extra space for all those cuddly toys, a bunk bed solves everything. 

bunk bed-abesquareGetting your child to go to the Land of Nod will not be a task anymore!

For those who need an additional bed but do not have the space for it everyday, our designers have given a single bed a clever, functional twist as seen in the Bernard.

stowaway bed-abesquare



It is the ultimate in space-saving guest beds since this single bed frame has a second bed stowed within its base. The stowaway bed can be pulled out and tucked away with ease, for when the children have friends to stay or when we have last minute stop-over guests.