A home that reflects you [Part 3]

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How do we ensure that our unique touches make our house and décor stand out?

In this blog series, we have been exploring different personality types (listed under the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) and homes that would reflect these personalities.


The Duty Fulfiller or The Inspector (ISTJ - Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging) personality type – The Duty Fulfillers are reserved and quiet, like to follow the rules and are interested in peaceful living. They have a strongly felt sense of duty and are very reliable. They are extremely motivated individuals who work systematically to ensure that their tasks are completed. Some famous people with this personality type include Queen Elizabeth, Warren Buffet and Angela Merkel.

Decorating tips for the Duty Fulfillers – ISTJs always crave for peace and security, hence, their homes should embody the peace and security that they seek. Since they are very organized and systematic in their daily lives – they need their homes also to be well organized. They are immensely loyal and faithful to their families, so their homes generally reflect this loyalty and could have framed photos of their loved ones. They are very traditional in their thinking, so their décor also reflects what the “expected” norm is.

A dining room

The Nurturer or The Protector (ISFJ - Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging) personality type – The Nurturers are caring and compassionate, and are very sensitive to other people’s feelings. Like ISTJs, the Nurturers are dependable, hardworking and loyal. They like doing things the traditional way and are not very open to new methods unless really convinced. Famous ISFJs include Jimmy Carter, Mother Teresa and Prince Charles.

Decorating tips for the Nurturers – The Nurturers value family and harmonious relationships highly, therefore, they love doing up the rooms of their home by personalizing them to the family member it belongs to. Since Nurturers are very organized and systematic in their daily lives – they need their homes also to be well organized. In order to keep their home running smoothly, they have things-to-do lists and calendar schedules that can be attractively displayed in their homes.


A kids bedroom


The Mechanics or The Artisans (ISTP - Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving) personality type – The Mechanics deal with things logically and rationally and love to understand how things work. They like to look for practical solutions to the problems at hand. They have an adventurous spirit, due to which they are attracted to adventure sports, motor cycles, airplanes, etc. They are independent individuals and like to have the freedom to make their own decisions. Some famous people with this personality type include Clint Eastwood, the Dalailama and Jack Dorsey.

Decorating tips for the Mechanics – The ISTPs are very hands-on individuals and enjoy doing projects on their own – so, they are likely to take up the task of doing up their homes as a series of mini-projects. They have an excellent sense for detail – so they personally enjoy buying things for their house. Because of their sense of adventure, they like action and a home that excites them – their homes need to have furniture, décor and accessories that can be changed easily when the ISTPs get bored of the look of their home. ISTPs also need spaces in their home where they can be alone, in order to gather their thoughts and think things through.


A study table

The Doers or The Promoters (ESTP - Extraverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving) personality type – The Doers are outgoing, energetic, enthusiastic and great motivators. They are real go-getters – once they decide on doing a task, they quickly assess the task, execute it and move on to the next task. They are fun loving and have a great sense of humour, but they are not very sensitive to others feelings. Because of their high energy levels, the most Doers enjoy adventure sports and athletic pursuits. Famous ESTP personalities are Donald Trump, Meryl Streep and Theodore Roosevelt.

Decorating tips for the Doers – The Doers are not very particular about following the rules – their homes could have décor that goes against what are the conventions. Thus, when it comes to the décor of their homes, they do things that could be considered “risky” or “crazy” by others. Since they are extremely quick in decision making, they complete home decoration projects soon and do


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not let it drag on for too long!

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