10 things that you need to get rid of now!

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Spring-cleaning is a term popularly used to denote cleaning of a home or room thoroughly. The first step in this annual cleaning ritual is getting rid of the clutter in our homes. We all have our sentimental reasons for holding on to certain things that we have used in the past, however, hoarding items that significantly increase the amount of clutter in our homes is a problem and excessive hoarding is even considered a medical disorder!

While getting rid of items, a good thumb rule to use is to give away or trash things that have not been used for 12months to 18 months – if you have not used any item for that long, you can most probably live without it! In today’s age, where the mantra to follow is reduce, reuse and recycle, it is always better to first try and donate as many things as possible or even try selling them before trashing them.

If you have been fence sitting, wondering what items need to be donated or trashed, look at this list and get started right away !

Clothes – That T-shirt that you have not worn for the last one year or the jeans you have been meaning to fit back into for the past 5 years, or that dress that you bought on a whim and have worn just once – these are items that can be given away.

Furniture – We all have certain pieces of furniture that just does not go with the rest of our home décor – yet we hold on to them for various reasons. It is better to sell these items which take up our space and don’t add to the look that we want for our home. Replace these furniture pieces with trendy accent chairs that will perk up your room. 


remove old furniture from home


Books – Books could range from your children’s old school textbooks to novels and self-help books that you have collected over the years. Keep the ones that you love to read repeatedly – donate the ones that have you have not read even once or will never read a second time.  


sell old books


Gifted décor items – There are many items gifted to us that we have collected over the years – scented candles, photo frames, piggy banks that our children have received at birthday parties as return gifts and the list goes on. How many of these items do we really use?


Scented candles


Expired medicines – Consumption of expired medicines can cause health issues – so make sure that you routinely keep checking the expiry dates and throw out that ones that are past their date.

Utensils – All of us have those utensils in our kitchen that just gather dust and use up space in the area where space is at a premium. We also tend to collect plastic containers – many more than we will ever need. Get rid of them right away !

Expired makeup –The preservatives used in cosmetics to keep the product safe lose their effectiveness when a product reaches its expiration date. Therefore, using expired makeup is a serious health risk and can cause many skin problems – so trash them as soon as possible.  


remove unwanted products from home


Old gadgets – Technology moves at a fast pace and our quest for the latest gadgets can cause a pileup of old gadgets and chargers – get rid of these.

Toys – Our children are spoilt for choice when it comes to toys and they definitely do not need a room full of toys – why not give some of those toys away to kids who are not from very privileged backgrounds? Old stuffed toys also tend to gather dust and mites, which can cause allergies in children.

Old Bills and Instruction manuals – There are several gadgets and tools that we would have gotten rid of over the years – yet we forget to discard the instruction manuals of these gadgets. Old bills and financial documents like credit card bills and insurance bills also tend to keep piling up. Use paper shredders or scissors to shred old bills and make sure to remove the name, account number and credit card numbers before throwing the bills away.