4 Points to consider while buying an Accent chair

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These days, many of those who wish to take their home decorating to the next level are investing in accent chairs. Accent chairs inject personality into rooms and make a décor statement. Due to their comfort factor, accent chairs mostly have very happy occupants who are either curled up on the chair with their favourite read or just snoozing!

Accent chairs are chairs that serve the purpose of extra seating in the room and make for some eye candy for the room. They are used to fill out an existing seating area, as well as to create a new one within a room.


wings chair designs

There are several different types of Accent Chairs available. They can be small and delicate or large and sturdy.


  • The Wingback chair - These chairs have winged sides and upright backs which enclose the head and body of the seated person. These are suited for both living rooms and bedrooms.

  • The Slipper chair - These chairs are armless, upholstered and have seats that are quite close to the ground. They were originally designed so that women seated on them could easily reach their feet and put on their slipper.

  • The Armchair – These chairs have side supports for the arms and elbows. They have a versatile style that can be used in most rooms.

  • The Bergere chair – These chairs have upholstered seats but the wooden frame surrounding the seat is exposed.

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4 points to consider while buying an Accent chair accent chairs,long chair designs

  1. Consider the size and look of the room where you wish to place the accent chair – A large accent chair in a small room can make the room look even smaller. Larger rooms maybe also be able to accommodate more than one accent chair.

  1. Consider the size and weight of the chair – Many accent chairs, for example wingback chairs, are heavy which means that they cannot be easily moved around if there is a need to rearrange the furniture in a room.

  1. Buy a chair that will fit into any room of the house – If you are short on space, and like to change the look of your rooms occasionally, then buy an accent chair that would easily fit and gel into any of your rooms.

accent chair design


  1. Complement other furniture and furnishings in the room – Though accent chairs are supposed to stand out, they should work in harmony with the rest of the furniture and should not overpower a room's decor or compete for attention as the main feature. The right accent chair can bring out the specks of colour on the lampshades, rugs or curtains, in the room where it is placed.

It is amazing how a single accent chair can transform your home or room. So, go ahead and buy that one which will punch up your room!