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Bunk beds are associated with childhood and fun. They are truly one of the wonderful joys of childhood – and everyone, children and adults alike, need to experience how enjoyable it can be to sleep on a bunk bed ! The popularity of bunk beds could be attributed to some of the following reasons.

  • Space savers Bunk beds are best for rooms or places that have very less space. Even for families with one child, bunk beds are useful when the child enters the sleepover phase and would like to have friends and cousins over.

  • Fun for kids – There is nothing like the fun that comes with sleeping on a bunk bed with a cousin or a friend and chatting the night away!

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  • Attractive décor option - These days bunk beds come in beautiful colors, are extremely comfortable and have their own personality. Hence, they can also serve as decorative pieces and focal points of our bedrooms. 

Though there is no proof as to when and where bunk beds originated, the ancient Egyptians are credited with first creating this stacked bed. Over the years, bunk beds have been used in places that had space constraints – hence they were seen in ships, rail compartments, prison cells, hostels and military barracks. While wood is generally used for making bunk beds, there are metal bunk beds as well, which are used mostly in places like prisons and army garrisons. 


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Are bunk beds safe ?

Many parents worry about the safety aspect of bunk beds. Most bunk bed related injuries have involved children less than 6 years of age, due to falls. The most common bunk bed related injuries are lacerations, abrasions and fractures. If a fall from the top bunk occurs, children less than 3 years of age are more likely to sustain head injuries than older children, due to their higher centre of gravity. Hence, the following points should be considered while investing in a bunk bed :

  • Children below 6 years should not be allowed to sleep on the top bunk. 

  • Ensure that the top bunk has proper safety rails on all sides.

  • Ensure that the mattresses being used on the top and bottom bunks are the right size and that they fit in snugly – this is to prevent injuries from children getting their heads or body parts stuck in any gaps between the mattress and the bed.

  • The ladder to the top bunk should be firmly secured and children should be instructed to use to ladder to climb up or down – instead of jumping down from the top bunk !

  • In areas prone to earthquakes, bunk beds should be secured to the wall with wall studs to prevent the bed from tipping over (if an earthquake occurs).  


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If adequate safety precautions are followed, bunk beds are considered quite secure. So, go ahead and buy that bunk bed that your children have been clamouring for, and see them smile from ear-to-ear !


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