5 things to remember as you design your home

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A view of the family room from the terrace.


Get an interior designer on board - sooner, than later – Most of us get an interior designer on board only after the construction of our house is over. If you dream of beautiful spaces in your home, then, you need to hire an experienced interior designer and an architect for your house, right at the planning stage.

An architect’s main responsibility lies on the exterior or the shell of the building, the interior designer’s main responsibility lies within the building. Interior designers receive training in the fields of architecture, construction and sustainability and so the interior designer can point us to any changes that need to be considered in the plan of the house or the electrical layout before the construction starts, so that there are no changes or rewiring needed later.  


Enough storage space, but not too much – We all know the importance of our homes having enough storage space – cupboards, wardrobes, kids storage and shelves. However, it is wise to avoid going overboard with the storage space. Having too many cupboards, cabinets, shelves and lofts leads us to collect things that we really do not need and the junk just starts piling up.


Maximize natural sunlight in your home – Our homes need to have good ventilation and plenty of sunlight in every room in the house. Sunlight is anti-bacterial and acts as a natural disinfectant. It helps us make vitamin D in our bodies, which is important for our immune systems and healthy bones. It helps to control the hormones that govern many of our bodily functions.

An abundance of sunlight in the most-used rooms in our home will also ensure that we can manage the entire day without having to flip a switch until the sun sets. This is a great energy saving tactic and helps reduce our carbon footprint.


 A study room with a lot of sunlight.



A touch of green – Plan a garden space, a terrace garden or a sunny balcony with lots of plants in your new home. Gardening has exercise benefits, can ease stress, keep you lithe and can improve your mood. The sight of bright flowers is known to relax the mind.

A garden space or a back yard can help you grow your own vegetables – this not only helps in saving money but also gives you the opportunity to eat pesticide free food, thus promoting healthy eating. The food that we grow ourselves is the freshest food that we can eat rather than vegetables that have travelled hundreds of miles to reach our nearest grocery store.  


A garden area for your home.

Ensure enough width for your staircases – Many builders and architects try to narrow the staircase width – stating that extra width is wasted space. Though around 38 inches width is normal, the ideal staircase width is considered to be 42 inches. If the staircase is wider than 44 inches, it is better to have handrails on both sides. Wide staircases also help if we need to move furniture up the stairs. A well crafted staircase is like a fine piece of furniture that adds beauty to a home.


 A staircase having appropriate width.